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    Sep 2020
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    Just dropping in a line to say "Hi" to this community. I'm here to learn from you all who have experiences with this bike.
    The S1000RR is on my short list for another liter bike.

    I do have a few questions which I cannot easily find answered in all the reviews I have read and watched on YouTube:
    1. Which model year is the most reliable?
    2. Which model year has the most fun in terms of available torque along the whole RPM range? (i.e. after ECU flash to lift USA restrictions)
    3. Which model year is the most flickable?
    4. What realities (downsides) should I be aware of? I read about vibrations getting worse in the 2020 USA model. Anything else?

    I guess I should let you know how I'm planning to use the bike. I'll most likely be using it for recreational rides in country roads, freeways and out-of-town day trips (i.e. canyon carving). Occasionally, I can be a spirited rider but more often than not, I just enjoy torque/power when I need it.

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    Seattle, WA
    Sep 2020
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    I have a 2018 that is a dedicated track bike. I love it. I will probably upgrade some parts this off season, but have completed two seasons mostly stock. Haven’t flashed ECU, but run in race mode with slicks. The bike will hang with anybody in the straights and is only limited by my skill in the corners. I rode an Aprilia 1100 at their track day and was impressed with their turning and smooth power delivery, but for the track I would choose the S1000RR. Just my cent and a half.

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