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    This isn't a detailed review of the Garmin Huntview because I've only used it a couple times myself this spring, but so far it is working well. Last summer we started riding outside our normal dual sport areas so I took my Garmin Montana thinking it would help. Well, the basic Garmin topo stuff kinda helped, but we still got lost and spent time looking over a mix of paper maps. I try not to use my phone, it's kept in a zipped pocket and often we don't have ATT service, so I bought Huntview this winter hoping to make the Montana work. The Huntview map allows you to do turn-by-turn navigation, identifies whether you are on private, tribal, forest service or state land and as you zoom in, it gives you a google earth type view of the area. Being able to visually see a rock pile, pond or rusty old tractor really helps pinpoint exactly where you are. On Saturday I was riding a really fun two track trail but at one point it looked like it was heading right for a farmers yard. We stopped about a 1/2 mile away, scanned ahead and saw the trail curving around the farm and meet up with our next gravel road. It gave us the confidence to continue knowing we were not trespassing in some guys pasture. The only bummer is that it is state specific and I don't know what happens when you cross into another state.
    So, if you're a GS/Adventure/dual sport rider and you want another option, maybe the Huntview is something to consider. I know there are lots of apps and GPS options, but I'm a low tech rider and this was simple and a good answer for me.

    Spring is here, get out and ride!
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