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    I bought my first BMW new in 1999. I did not buy from West Valley because they just rubbed me the wrong way for several reasons.

    A few years ago, I bought a used F800GT on consignment at a dealer in Northern California. It made a strange knocking noise that West Valley had no clue what the noise was. A few months later, I discovered that years earlier, a TSB was issued addressing the concern! They had no clue. If you do wind up taking your bike in for service, due to space limitations, it will pretty much sit OUTSIDE, UNCOVERED the whole time!

    I have bought a few parts from them that they had in stock. Air and oil filters.

    Last week I called their parts department searching for the GPS wire "repair connector." I gave the guy the part number, he looked on the computer to identify what it was, said it was not in stock and would take a few days to get it in. Quoted me a price. I said I needed to verify a few things before I order and would get back to him.

    Today I called and a woman answered the phone. I asked for the parts department. She said, "Maybe I can help." I told her I talked to a guy last week about this part. I gave her the part number. She asked if this guy gave me the part number. I said no, I got it online. She asked if it was BMW OEM website. I said it was the F800 website. After a bit more unfriendly back-and-forth, she said she could order it and gave me an estimate of "around $20." I asked why she can't give me an exact quote. She said she doesn't know what the exact shipping charge will be. Huh?? I asked her if she could just add it to their normal "stock order." She said, "We charge shipping on everything." I said, "Never mind." and hung up. Too much aggravation for such a simple order.

    I called another dealer, gave them the part number, no back-and-forth 3rd degree, got a quote for less money, and there was no added shipping charges. DONE!

    West Valley is family owned for 50(?) years, but none of the people I know who own a BMW motorcycle (about 1/2 dozen) do any business with them.

    The previous crabby owners that were there have passed away. However the genetic offspring are still working there.

    What have your experiences been with West Valley?
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    I can’t comment on the folks running the shop now.
    However I grew up a couple of blocks from the shop in the late 50s & early 60s & remember the original owners, Ruth & Jay.
    Jay could be a little gruff, but Ruth always went out of her way to talk to me, a young kid that loved motorcycles.
    In later years I lived out of state, but when I visited my mom I would always go to the shop & visit Ruth. And of course buy a powder blue T shirt.
    They sold BMW, NSU & Mustangs then. I think they still had Matchless parts also.
    Memories from a long, long time ago.
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    I find a lot of dealers have parts clerks that have no idea of their stock. One local dealer was going to replace the head bearings and the clerk put in an order. When I got there for service only half of the bearing/race set was there. Seems BMW charges for those pieces separately. I called twice the other day and couldn't get through to the parts people. So it's not just West Valley in the Southland.


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